Waterfest was a rockin' good time!
Here's a bunch of us hanging out the night before at the Ramada. Guess what? We're hanging around Meze's car... hmmm. There's Brett, Shawn, Matt, Eric (Night Shadow), and some non-listers, Jeremy and Shannon. There might be a few more people in there, too... That's Brett's fancy-looking white Scirocco there in the foreground, with the euro bumpers, turn signals and all.... I'd be afraid to own a car like that! I'd get paranoid that people were going to scratch my car all the time. Brett seemed to deal with it quite well, though...
Looks like we just couldn't get enough of Meze's car! He opened up his hood and showed us all his fancy stuff he's got under there.... (do you know that the underside of his hood is covered with ricey stickers? ah, but he earned them....)
Here we are, eating dinner at the hotel. We looked for a better place to eat dinner (Brett, our fearless leader, failed in his mission to find us a place to eat), but failed. We got really hungry, so we ate in the Ramada sports bar... fun! from left to right: Kareem, Matt (looks like he likes that Guinness!), Jeremy, Shannon, Brett.
Another shot of us eating dinner.... That's DanMay's head there at the front, then to the left of him, Kareem, Matt, Jeremy, Shannon, Brett, Jim, Shawn, and a couple of people that I don't remember who they are. Then is the empty space where I was sitting, but I vacated it to take this picture.
Here's a picture of Jeremy counting out all of the money that we paid for dinner that night.... Shannon's looking a little goofy, but that's OK
: )
Here's Jeremy and Shannon in the hotel room that we stayed in. They (and Matt) graciously offered me a spot on the floor, which I accepted gratefully (I didn't have to sleep in the gutter after all).. hehe... actually, I was planning on going down to hang out with Scott F. Williams, but this offer was too good to refuse, so I didn't end up heading down there. Those are Matt's feet at the bottom there.
Here's a bunch of us hanging out in the hotel, drinking beer...
Here's a great pic of Mad Matt.
And another one, a little more chill this time.
Beer. Need I say more?

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