I bought this silver car from a schoolmate in town for $800 (part of the money I got from my '86 roc). It wasn't worth that much, not by a long shot. It wouldn't run (I finally figured out that this was because it had a plugged cat - guess what I did about that?), it wouldn't roll (front left wheel bearing was TOASTED... I kept it for my pile of horrible examples, it was so bad), and it had a cracked windsheild. Besides, it had LOTS of miles on it, who knows how many. I think it well over 300K by the time I was done with it. I junked it because I could see the stress fractures all over the unit body (you feel it flexing when you drove it down a dirt road) and the engine only had 110psi compression per cylinder. It was just tired... I took it apart to make my other '83 go. Betsy (this first Scirocco's name) had an aftermarket tilt sunroof from Safelite or some such place, leather interior, the 1.8 and the swaybars and vented discs. She had some funky coil compressors on the front when I first got her, but I took them off at some point. I drove her all the way out to San Francisco, up the coast and back across... she's the Scirocco on this page. She served me well, and her spirit lived on in Alice, my next Scirocco.

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