The first Scirocco that I ever had is the same one that I had until January 23, 1999, although it had another owner in between. It was (and is) a 1986 Artic Blue Metallic 8V. When I got it, it had 13" steel wheels on it. I quickly changed them to 14" alloys. I bought it for $200 because the guy who sold it to me said that it needed a new trans. It would have been worth it anyway, because the body was rust free and it ran perfectly, but it turned out that all the trans needed, at least for temporary use, was an oil seal and some hypoid gear oil. So I did that and turned around and sold it for $1000 not a week later. I then bought it back the next summer for $500, after the dude I sold it to had beaten it into the ground. I fixed all kinds of crap on it (brakes, shocks, exhaust...) and drove it around for awhile. I had to replace the trans because 5th gear was gone, so I put in the trans from Betsy, which was a wide-ratio from an '82 (FN code). A dude backed into me in a parking lot and financed my second cross-country trip, so then it had a dent in the driver's door (not TOO bad). Then I lent it to a friend and she crashed it... I fixed it up so it was functional, though not pretty, and sold it to another friend for $400, I think... maybe it was $500. He's crashed it several times since, and I hear it's really not pretty, although I haven't had the guts to look at it. This car also had a long story about frame cracking right behind the left control arm's rear mounting point. I think I finally fixed that permanently with a good weld, POR-15 and a front lower stressbar. Here's a pic of what it looked like before it was crashed:

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