Josiah's VW's

I've had approximately 8 million VW's... heh. If you happen to feel like reading about them, here's a list, and there's a short story behind each one...

In addition to these, I've had as parts cars:
A 1982 Scirocco, gold, that I took almost nothing from and never even took to my house.
A 1983 Scirocco, black, 1.8, that I paid $120 for and took lots of stuff from.
A 1982 Rabbit Diesel, white, with a perfect body that was a shame to crush. I took lots of stuff from that one, too. I think I paid just over $100 for it. I had to give the engine and trans back, though.
A 1986 Golf, brown, with 118K on it, that I got from my friend Ryan. Great car that was rusting out a little, and then he didn't help it much by rear-ending a Lexus with it. I still have most of this car (all for sale!), just not the unit body - I crushed that.
A 1980 Buick Electra. I took the tires and the battery and junked it : )
I just got given an '86 Jetta that needs a bunch of stuff. I think I'll fix it up and sell it... at some point.

And then, of course, there are my current autos that I'm driving:
My 1984 Rabbit GTi and
My 1987 Quantum Syncro

Page last modified on August 8, 1999