I bought this car shortly before my daughter was born, because I thought I would need a bigger car to fit her carseat in. I was wrong, but I was also just kinda bored. I had to borrow money to buy it, and it was a pretty nice car. It had was silver and had 102K on it, and it needed just a motor mount to make it pretty much perfect. I got it for $950, which I think was a great deal, but I didn't really ever like the car much. It always felt like the rear end wanted to come out, but there wasn't anything wrong with it that I could ever figure out. I crashed it 3 times in the short time that I had it. I've never crashed any other cars (except things that were other people hitting me). Maybe I was all stressed out because JLynn was just born, but I think it was just a bad luck car, I dunno. First time I crashed it, I rearended a 4Runner because I just wasn't paying attention. I smashed both my headlights and bent my bumper. No damage to the 4Runner, thank goodness. I fixed that and then promptly sideswiped a deer. So now both my right-hand doors were dented. Then I was taking a friend home from band practice one day and decided to show off for him (he did give me a little encouragement). I came around an icy, sandy corner too fast and braked, and of course the rear end came around. We did several 360's in the middle of the road and then headed for the snowbank. I thought we were just going to get stuck, but the snowbank was hard-packed to the point of almost being ice and we rode up on it and it flipped us over. We landed on the roof, and were both fine. Three friends and I flipped it back over and I trailered it home. I got $900 back out of it in parts. Now my gf has the exact same car except hers is an '87. I hope she has better luck with hers!

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