I live in Weare, NH... that's 20 miles SW of Concord and 20 miles NW of Manchester. I am currently in college, however, down in Amherst, MA. Prices do not include shipping. Email me at werikson@hampshire.edu.

First, the stuff that costs money:

A2 chassis header $100
4-dr Golf doors, rear, in gold, without regulators $25 each
"2H" code close-ratio transmission for A1 chassis $150
Used CV axles, from Sciroccos and some from A2 chassis as well $30/each
Scirocco 16v hatch w/big wing and wiper, black $40
Various glass for Jetta/Golf II and Scirocco II $10-$20
Scirocco II oil temp guages, VDO, 50-150 deg C $5 each
Scirocco II radiators, one w/fan, one w/out... $40/$25
Scirocco II heater core, non A/C (does that make a diff? I dunno) $10
A1 chassis 8v starters... lots of them $20 each
Manual window regulators for Scirocco II $20 a side
Used struts, front and rear, lots of 'em, all from A1's, some in good shape $15 each
Close ratio trans from '86 Scirocco, "9A" code with 100mm flanges, no fifth gear, good case (excellent donor case for a self-machined trans) $30
Various instrument clusters from A1 and A2 VW's, mostly 120mph ones $25-$40 each
Early style Scirocco II gas tank (10 gal), also fits Rabbits $40
Front calipers $20 each
Expansion tanks for Scirocco II 8v $10/each
Coil $10
A2 Jetta taillight, RR $30 A2 Jetta side marker lights, front, both sides $15/side
Gazillions of other things (I currently have an entire, was-running '87 Jetta that I'm parting out), email me and ask!


Rabbit and Scirocco rectangular headlights
Scirocco II 8v stock swaybars
beige touch-tone telephone with a monkey painted on it, nonfunctional, sometimes bites
Email me with questions, etc...
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