What I've done here is take pictures of my QSW in the same positions as R&T did with their test car, and used their captions. I only had a lousy photocopy of the article, so I figured that this would be better, and more fun. If you've seen the actual road test pictures before, you may find these amusing.

When the last shall be first

Inline 5-cylinder engine displays the VW symbol and Audi's four
rings. The Quantum is the only VW with this engine.

Pull out the knob on the center console one click and the center
differential is locked. Pull it out another position and the rear
differential is locked. Lights on the diagram indicate locked differentials.

Lift the Quantum tailgate and the large cargo area appears, though a
sliding curtain can cover this area. A small plastic tray with strap is
mounted at the right for carrying tire chains.

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