I want to give full and appropriate recognition that I was recently saved from Harm through no action on my part. I failed to bill a load, which could have been Bad, but as it happened loads to Seattle are ok. It may have been Fate or Chance, but if any God or Greater Being was involved, that being has my gratitude. I have an interview coming up for a job I _really_ want (Cog. Sci. at Northwestern). This is not an endorsement, request, or prayer, it is an acknowledgement that being granted an interview is not something that lies within my personal power. I will strive to win this job, and I believe that if I do so it will likely be primarily through my own merits. Getting the interview, of course, was in large part due to my resume, Katya's help, perhaps Jonathan's. It may be that there was an amount of luck, Fate or will of the Gods involved, and for that I give great thanks. Thank you!!!!! Thank you for any part you may have played in introducing me to Katya, as well. She is wonderful. My cat is very, very sick. She had a fever of 105, the highest that nurse had seen. I was worried sick about her, but the fever dropped some, and she is at the vet now. I kind of asked for help, and I said please, and... anyway, thank you for not giving my cat cancer. They said it was just a virus or something. And she spent the day at the vet's today, and they discovered the problem, and she is much, much better now. I might owe something for this, but I'm ok with that. I also asked for help with that interview, both through Tony (a theist friend) and also personally. I swore I wouldn't do that, but I'm not sure I care. If I incur obligations in this way, perhaps they will be worthwhile ones.