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Saturday, July 15, 2006


New York City. Must Live There. Wow, what a great trip. Hung out with some cool cats like Mike Didonna, Andy McKinney, Matt Keenis, and lots of Dana's hip girlfriends. So we went to a bunch of tourist places including the Gugenheim, the MoMA, the 'Body' museum (so creepy and cool, so cool), empire state buliding, etc. Perhaps the highlight was an intense frisbee toss in central park with Andy and Mike. So much sweat. Got some good bud and generally chilled. Of course, its harder to relax in New York than many places on this planet, even on vacation, but i feel i did a pretty good job. The Dartmouth course and my brief visit to NYC left me with a valuable perspective pertaining to my work here at UC Davis: finish it efficiently.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dartmouth Doldrums 

Hello all. I'm writing from the Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience at Dartmouth College. Its in its second week and has been great so far. The first week's topic was neural prosthetics, and thsi week we are learning about 'conscious and unconscious cognition'. I got alot more out of the first week, and I've been a little sick this week. There has been alot o drinking and partying here which has left many of us sleep deprived. Everybody is cool, though, and I've met some smart people. Overall, the course has been very thought provoking and illuminating since the topics are not those with which I'm eminently familiar.

Went to Thoreau's Walden pond over the weekend. It was sobering to stand in the area where his cabin was 170 years ago. I was alone which made the trip a very solitary experience. Then I went to Boston and met up with my buddy Tucker Ezell. We hung out & walked around Harvard, which is huge and very impressive. The sidewalks thee are old brick and have depressed grooves where so many people have walked since 16whatever. My great grandfather may have walked along those paths too.

Been hanging out with my good friend Will senning too. He's just over the hill in Royalton VT, finishing up law studies. Saw Mary jo Schafer too, but only briefly...

Dana and I are meeting up in NYC this weekend. I cant wait to see her and chill amongst the buzz and tremor of Manhattan. Unfortunately, despite passing my doctoral candidacy exam just before coming, I have had a hard time relaxing. Such a shame, but stress seems to follow me everywhere nowadays. Canoeing on the white river yesterday was relaxing, but only for a minute or two... I need to get out in the woods with no baggage for a good week.


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