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Monday, April 17, 2006

our perfect weekend at sugarbowl 

another amazing powder day at sugarbowl. That makes 12 of the last 13 days I've skiied powder days, and I typically go only once a week. What this underscores is the incredible snowfall Tahoe has experienced this spring. Its snowing all the time up there, and raining down here.

Dana and I spend a very relaxing weekend in the Sugarbowl lodfe. our room overlloked Mt. Disney, the first mountain in california to have a chairlift. It was amazing. then it started to snow, and I mean really started to snow with no sign of letting up. A total blizzard, with white-out conditions ensued. This continued for over 24 hours, blanketing the mountain in new powder. 4 feet accumulated at the top of mount Lincolns. FOUR FEET. skiing was pretty difficult, it was easy to get stuck in 2-3 feet of snow on runs that normally had a gentle pitch to them. Getting stuck in snow like that requires a big energy expendature to get out of. Also, falling over was pretty commonplace and was also difficult to recover from.

But you could ski down anything that wasn't closed because of avalanche danger. Skiing down was like surfing on air. its such a cool feeling, so pure and graceful and atheletic.

plus, my dad paid for the whole thing in advance without telling us. What a surprise!

It was our perfect weekend...

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