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Thursday, July 15, 2004


I never thought I'd WANT to go to summer school. In high school, summer school was for the remedial kids & looked upon as a punishment. I applied to a European Summer School on Visual Neuroscience in Germany. The course will have both lecture and lab components and takes place in a castle. I didn't expect to get in, but put my best into the application. When word came back that two of my labmates didn't get in, my hopes were dashed, but alas! they admitted me! So I'm going to Germany to study neuroscience and can't wait...

here's a link to the course:

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

ticketmaster sux 

Last spring, listening to KDVS, the eclectic UC Davis radio station, I was offered a deal: be the 30th caller and receive 2 tickets to the Van's 2004 Warped Tour. Needless to say I put the phone on redial. After 3 tries of being 2nd, 6th, and 9th caller, I decided to patiently wait and call when it 'felt' right. Waiting was really hard, like when there's that special something on eBay and you're waiting 'till the last second to sweep in and bid 2 cents more than everybody else. Its hard to be patient when you're excited. But nevertheless, I waited and won. Yes, to the tune of "you're caller number thirty, you just won 2 free tickets!" It was a good feeling, even if I'd never heard of any of the 30-odd bands playing the Warped Tour this year. I took Dana to the show last week & we had lots of fun. Its a nine-hour event & by afternoon the place was packed with punk kids with & without clothes on. There was a half-pipe set up too. Not to mention the other full pipes rotating around. The scene was pretty raw, like the music; the best part was watching all the freaks.

I'm definitely listening to KDVS more now. The music is usually highly listenable, and they give away free tickets pretty often too. I even sometimes check in on Friday nights when the bizarre ambient mechanical sounds show is on. No, that's not interference, its somebody's art...

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