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Sunday, June 27, 2004


wow, back and forth across northern California, more than 500 miles of driving. Dana and I went to Reno to meet my mom, who was having a counselor's conference. On Friday night, we motored over to south Lake Tahoe to see Clint Black perform, which was very impressive. Not only was the show fun, but the music was actually quite good. Then, on Saturday, we missed the train from Davis to Berkeley, so I had to drive Dana in to work. Sunday, I drove back to Davis in order to see the Dead perform up near Sacramento. That was okay, but not stellar like the Dead show I saw in Berkeley last fall. All in all, a busy but rewarding weekend...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Summer of Love + Herbie Hancock 

Well, I traveled a long way to upstate Maine--the Mod 67 Alliance reunited at Sam's blueberry farm. While I was only able to stay 2 nights, they were worth it. Some limited snapshots are available at There are some good ones.

I flew JetBlue, which worked fine--I'm fond of direct flights and being able to choose my own seat.

I had to hustle back to the Bay Area since Dana and I had tickets to see Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter in concert. That show was awesome, very relaxing. This time we had reserved parking at Masonic Auditorium on top of Nob Hill. That made the event all the more pleasant. Greek food afterward.

Now I'm back to work. I stayed up all night working at the lab so I'm feeling a little lethargic now...

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