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Saturday, March 27, 2004

violent crimes :: snow sports 

Dana got held up at her store last week. Some guy came in and put a gun in her face, demanded money from the register and the safe. Apparantly he already knew where the safe was (in the back office), and demanded she go back there with him alone. Frazzled as she no doubt was, she still had the strength to tell him no, he couldn't go back there with her alone (That's my girl!). Dude left with the money and my girl in shambles. She spent the next few days at my house getting over the ordeal. The worst part is that administrators at her work are still giving her shit, have cut her hours, and threatened her job security (not that she was all that 'secure' before, with no cameras, police button, or coworkers on duty). The best part is that I took her skiing at Tahoe & now she has the snow-bug! We'll go again before the season's out. Also, I took her and Henry to Reno for some good times. We had a good time, but we were so wiped from skiing that we were less than lively. All in all, a blast.

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