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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

dead and beyond 

Saturday i went to see the Dead perform at Berkeley Community Theater. They performed as part of 25 year anniversary tribute to the Seva Foundation. BCT is a small (~2500) venue, and my first row balcony seat afforded great acoustics and a very nice view. Bonnie Rait and John Popper popped out to play at various points in the 5+ hour tribute. The Dead played a solid set consisting of some of my favorite songs: Jack Straw, Truckin', Ramble on Rose, Dark Star into Eyes of the World, back into Dark Star, etc. It was tremendous. Steve Earle and Jackson Browne played as well, but I don't know those people.

Tomorrow I'll head over to Italy, verrrrry exciting. I'll pass my bro, Sean, somewhere over the Atlantic, as he comes home from Mosul, Iraq on Christmas furlough. Today, however, I'm busy with the pre-trip bustle. gotta go, but check out this image from my trip to NYC last summer:

Bart Out.

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