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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

oregon too 

Dana and I are back from the Oregon coast. Dana's parents bought us plane tickets to fly up and stay in a cabin overlooking the Pacific Ocean for our birthdays, which are 3 days apart. Mine was the 26th, and Dana's is the 29th. We're both Scorpios (aww, how sweet) and live up to our reputations. Anyway, the Oregon coast is pretty beautiful and peaceful, so it was nice to go up and decompress for a few days. Dana took me to a section of the coast where she used to work at a kid's camp, and we climbed the nearby mountain for a spectacular view. The sunset that night was really cool through the 'Goonie' rocks (so called because parts of the film 'Goonies' was filmed there).

And I had a nice birthday. Very plesant since it was on Sunday, and it was nice to return home that night and get all my cards in the mail and messages on the machine. Thanks everybody!

Friday, October 03, 2003


I've begun my first teaching position,

Spelunkin' Photo 

Photographs from my trips to Kentucky and Tahoe are up. The photos from Mammoth and Lost River Caves are most interesting to me. Photography in a cave is very hard, particularly when one feels rushed by the tour guide. Standard flash photo is a no-no there and produces poor results. What one wants to do is keep the shutter open for many seconds at a time to collect enough light that a flash is not needed. If a tripod is not available, this must be attempted by hand by keeping the camera stationary. On some of the cave shots, I kept my hands still for Eight Seconds! What you won't see, however, are the multitudes of snapshots that didn't work out; these are only the juicy fruits...

Oh, and it is completely dark in those caves--not a photon of light from the sun. Its pretty cool when they turn out the lights, but for the myriad cave critters lurking, all albino.

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