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Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Yesterday I had another migraine. It started with an aura in the center of my right visual field, like always, a grey twinkling spot about 10 visual degrees across. Sometimes I’ll get an aura and not get a headache, and it was this I was hoping for with no such luck. About 20 minutes after the aura started, it had vacated the center of my right visual field and formed a crescent off to the right. The headache began soon thereafter, steadily building in momentum in my left hemisphere until I had to dash off home in hope of total sensory deprivation and sleep.

For the migraine sufferer, sleep is the only real recourse. Unfortunately, sleep is often not to be had & for the worst episodes, is impossible. Fortunately this was only a ‘moderate’ (i.e. it only hurt like hell) migraine & I was able to drift in and out of sleep ‘till evening, by which time I was able to stand and bear it.

Even now, I feel the vestiges of cerebral turmoil & probably should take it easy today too…

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

back from Baldy 

Well, I'm home in California. A few years ago I never thought I'd be saying that but now it feels natural. I do like California, but must admit I had a great time in Santa Fe. Saturday I climbed Mt.Baldy, a 14 mile trip, in just over 5 hours. After finishing, I hitchiked into town & caught a series of Bach sonatas playing at the Chamber Music Festival. Bach's 2nd Violin sonata was given a sure and competent recital by a young performer I enjoyed very much listening to.

Sigh, Santa Fe, how I'd love to visit every summer...

I'll post some recent pictures as evidence soon...
~Stay tuned~

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Santa Fe Delivers 

Odors seem more pungent at high altitudes. Its interesting how a whif of pine at high altituteds will instantly evoke memories of my year in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Exercise is harder too. I've climbed the mountain behind St.Johns several times since the glorious sunset up there on Sunday night. It has not been the same, but I always have a good time and get my sweat on...

Saturday I will attempt to summit NM's Mt.Baldy, the peak of which is at 12.6kFt--up there & known for being a big lightening rod. I'll have to summit before 3pm if I'm to avoid afternoon thunderstorms.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

The Most Glorious Sunset yet. 

Photography is technically incapable of capturing the true hues and color tones I saw Sunday night from the top of Monte Sol. Still, I tried to capture the images with my paltry Canon G3:

Good day!

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Beethoven's ghost in New Mexico 

Wow. Friday I went to watch/listen Anton Kuerti play not one but five Beethoven piano sonatas. It was amazing, certainly among the most profound musical experiences of my life. Its technically challenging enough to attempt one of B's piano sonatas, but Anton (who is about 70 & looks like B with the crazy white hair) played all five of beethoven's final sonatas. THese are the sonatas from B's late period, after he went stone deaf but decided to continue composing. They are among the most beautiful musical expressions & I am fortunate to have been in the room when they were being recited. THere were times when the air in the room felt viscous & undulated with the tones eminating from the massive grand piano on the stage. Anton did a very good job imparting the vigor and muscle of the fast movements but also took his time with the slow movements to get the emotional tone right. Sure, Anton's interpretation of some parts was not as rich as, say, Ashkenazi's, but the dude played some beautiful music, for 3 hours, from memory.

The recital was accoustic & it was pretty amazing to hear such good sound let alone the B's music! A recording just can't come close to la live accoustic performance, let alone when the instrument is a Steinway Grand Piano in a chamber like Santa Fe's St. Francis Auditorium.

Anton gave a great performance, & the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival once again proved its the shit. I want to come back every summer...

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