Our Honeymoon

For all our friends and family- so you can experience it right along with us!




The first day of our honeymoon was so exciting! San Diego is the most beautiful place! I mean, just look at that bathroom sign behind Alan! We've never seen one so gorgeous before! I just had to stop and pee here!

IMG_1 11/1/2008

The second day of our honeymoon was even more exciting than the first! Turns out, they lost our luggage- but I'm sure it'll turn up soon. There was a line in the ladies room, so Jymm decided to take a risk (hey, it's vacation!) and use the men's room. What a thrill!

IMG_3 11/2/2008

No sign of our luggage yet, but we were still in good spirits on our third day of romance! I don't mind telling you we were so inspired by this restroom, we had to get a little frisky. Here's Alan doing a little dance after (isn't that cute!)

IMG_31 11/3/2008

We had so much fun here yesterday, we decided on a repeat performance today!

Still no luggage...

IMG_41 11/4/2008

Five days wearing the same clothes seems to be getting to Jymm...or it could be the excitement of this bathroom right here! (She got so overcome, she just had to do number 2 in there!)

IMG_51 Alan was quite fond of this bathroom too.
IMG_61 11/5/2008

Another exciting day in San Diego, though still no luggage. Jymm is covering her ears- there's a Nobel Prize winner in there, and it sounds like he might be working on a new career in music! (He needs more work)

IMG_7 11/6/2008

It was funny that we found a unisex bathroom- we've been making them unisex the whole time!

IMG_8 11/7/2008

Alan was feeling a little, shall we say, unable to perform...so he had  a little trail mix to loosen things up. It went very well.

IMG_9 11/8/2008

At this point we've given up on the luggage. We decided to take a walking tour of San Diego's best and we came across this little gem. There was something interesting to see no matter which way you looked. Who knew one city could hold so many awesome bathrooms?

IMG_99 11/9/2008

Our vacation is almost over, and we're certainly sad to go. In fact, Alan had to pry Jymm out of this bathroom, she was so reluctant to leave it!

IMG_999 11/10/2008

I guess it was a fitting send off for us, though Alan did cry a little. The airline delivered our luggage just after this photo was taken- just in time to take it to the airport with us!

(c) 2008 Alan & Jymm

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