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I'm a libertarian, but not a member of the Libertarian party. While I vote Libertarian whenever possible, I feel that a more moderate party is needed, for two reasons: first, because I think a moderate party would attract significantly more voters, and second, because moderate libertarian policies might actually be better for our country. I argue the first point in the following essay: Libertarians - the 3rd party? The second point is a bit harder to defend convincingly, though I have made an initial attempt in the essay just  mentioned.  

Links of interest to moderate libertarians is an interesting attempt at building a community to collaboratively develop a moderate libertarian platform. 

The Problem with Libertarians  Set of essays that are very critical of libertarian views, but also very interesting. Many of the issues he brings up are problems even for moderate libertarians. Coming up with good answers to these critiques should be something of a priority. 

The Politics of Allen Smith Moderate Libertarian

The Traveler's Dilemma An essay about game theory problem similar to the prisoners dilemma. The author argues that optimal (in the sense of highest reward for all players) behavior is not predicted by self interest, and hence libertarians ideas are bankrupt. It's interesting, but wrong, I think. The point of libertarianism is to let people act as they wish - if they choose to act altruistically, all the better. The interesting thing about the traveler's dilemma  is that people choose to act in the way that maximizes everybody's reward, even though they are not required to.

Moderate libertarian blogs

The amount of libertarian content (and level of moderateness) varies a bit in this list...

The Moderate Libertarian Blog solely focusing on libertarian issues. 


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