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Just for listening

There is a lot of free music in the world that can be found with no effort. Some of it's pretty good, but finding that subset is often a bit harder. If you like new age music like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, and David Arkenstone, you should try some of the people on this list:

Much of the best downloadable music is on mp3.com; I have a page there that catalogues over 100 excellent songs. Note that it takes a while to download the list.

For other people's enjoyment

Want to make your music downloadable, at no cost to you?  MP3.COM used to be the place to do this, but in the last year so they have started charging for listing more than 3 songs. There are alternatives though:

http://www.soundclick.com seems to offer unlimted hosting, plus gives you some control over the text and the graphics associated with each song. Not clearly divided into different albumbs though. 

http://www.iuma.com/ One of the oldest music sites on the net, if not the oldest. You can host at least 30 songs here, but it looks like there is at least some limit, and you don't get much control over the text or graphics associated with your music.


http://www.risingmusic.com/ - seems dead now

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