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Hi. I'm Alan. This page is dedicated to my inner amateur artist. Recently I've gotten into the visual arts (drawing, etc), and for just about as long as I can remember I've been interested in music.  I collect a lot of music, (over 300 CDs, 100 tapes, and 15-20 gigs of MP3s), with synthpop-ish music being my favorite, though there are parts of almost every genre but rap/hip-hop that I enjoy.  I've also spent a lot of time creating music of my own, (160 .Mod/s3m songs, and roughly another 100 multi-track songs involving both real and electronic instruments).  Most of it is available for free online under a pseudonym (which I intentionally have not revealed here).

It's also worth noting that I really like cats. Obsessed might even be the word.  Perhaps it's because I'm a libertarian? Can you think of any other animal that has more libertarian like characteristics?  Certainly none that humans interact with on a daily basis.


I'm thinking: if I close my eyes I'll look like I'm  sensitive & caring. 

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Sound & Music

As already noted, collecting CDs has been a hobby of mine for years; the focus has been finding music I like for cheap.  If you pay a lot of attention, the BMG music club is a good way to find pop, though you have to wait for the good deals. More recently I've just bought used instead; I've found half.com to be one of the better online sources. You can't beat free though; once upon a time mp3.com  had a lot of really good stuff from independent artists before they closed. Those people still exist, and with google you can still find these music maker's new pages.

Recently most of my ~300 CD collection got backed up to MP3 format, resulting in a list of almost all my CDs. This is the pop music list and this is the new age (or instrumental) music list. A large project that; I'm glad I didn't do it all on my own.

I also have a draft proposal for a meta-audio format that would make internet music distribution more appealing for listeners and artists alike.

A short essay on the importance of context 

Some random musings, etc.

master of the rarely used hunt and Smite typing style.

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