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A Trip Down Memory Lane to the Shores of Hell

Remember Doom? I sure do. In fact, I still play it every now and then.  This is my shrine to my favorite game of all time, in all its wondrous and varied forms.  Other games demand more attention today in most people's minds, but in a year those games will be forgotten and Doom shall remain (in part thanks to ID's release of the Doom source).

What can I do here?

You can satisfy those nostalgic longings for Doom.  When I first started this site it focused exclusively on screen shots of the alpha and beta versions of Doom.  Now Doom is an aged classic so I am also devoting some space to its current state. Either way, I hope this page reminds you of all the fun Doom was and perhaps gets you to join the remaining die had fans that still play it.

What's new here?

This site is now entirely an archive. Look for it never to ever change. Ever. Also look for it to stick around as long as I have free space and bandwith to host it.

O  Doom Past

See that picture below on the right? Take a good look at it (yes, its from Doom, look for more than that!).   You should have noticed that it looks like no version of Doom released to the general public by ID software.  It is one of the many pictures released by ID of the beta and alpha versions of  Doom.   I have many more, most of them even wilder and stranger than that one.  Check them out in their enlarged and fully annotated glory by following the links below:  I suggest you look at them in the order listed, or even better, chose the page that has all the images.

Pre-release pictures from

Pre-release pictures from

Pre-release pictures from

Pre-release pictures from

All of the above pictures on one page

The best of the best Doom pre-release pictures

Thanks to a few digital pack rats out there you can now do more than just look.  I currently know of four pre-release versions of Doom which you can download and mess around with.  Check out  Lee's Killough's page for details.

O  Doom Present

As most of you know, ID released the source to Doom.  Lots of people have since done amazing things with the engine, BooM being one of the most impressive before 2000. I don't really know what's gone down since. 

O  The History of this site

Back in the Spring of 96 I found the pre-release screen shots of Doom again, and decided to start this site in the new chunk of space given to me by Virginia Tech. As far as I know, it was the first site of its kind.  It took a while to put the first page together which then consisted of screen shots and nothing else.  A few people visited, but not very many.  I got a few complaints on the size of the page, and so decided to split the images into more manageable groups.  After that, I don't think I received a single message for over two years. In any case, the number of hits stayed well below 1000.  Then some time in the middle of 97 interest in Doom picked up again, and so did the hits and the email.  That has pretty much leveled off again, and now this site has undergone what I expect will be one of  its final revisions, which includes a move to another server.  I hope you have found it interesting.

-- Alan Robinson (Email alan at HCI Design)  text (c) 1998/2003