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I only review games worth playing. All reviews have screen shots, and are playable on emulators. 

Name Description System
Ankoko Densetsu Simple hack and slash platformer TG 16
Soulblazer Above view Zelda-like action RPG SNES
Breath of Fire Graphically rich traditional RPG  SNES

Text adventure reviews -- all on one page

Outside content

Also known as links. Typically, featuring reviews and screen shots of (at least) pre-1998 games.

The OPCFG List of 100 top quality games for any system made before 1998. Screen shots of almost all of them. Other interesting content as well.
MobyGames - A Game Documentation and Review Project By default, the best (or at least most inclusive) catalog of games across all time frames and platforms. Think of it as a gaming encyclopedia. 

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