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Marble Madness 2k

I wrote this program for a game design class at Hampshire College in Spring of 00. The goal was to have a playable level of the game, and this prototype does fulfill that, except that the level is unwinable.

I'm done with this project. There is much left to do - like making the game run on something less than a 400mhz PC. That won't be hard, as the code currently redraws the entire screen each frame (ouch!). Plus the physics engine needs to learn that going off an edge provides propulsion of its own. Plus you can still get caught in walls when you go over them (though this just means teaching the engine a little more about edges, nothing too major). 

Getting started

You need the JDK 1.3 so that the mouse can be repositioned via the robot class.  Because of the mouse repositioning issue, this program can only run as an application or an unrestricted applet.

To make changes in the code, first start by reading the two word documents that describe the system as it existed in my head before I began coding. A few things changed since I wrote them, but reading them should really jump-start the whole process.

Note that to run the applet, you need to use one of the batch files, which gives the applet the right permissions. At this time it looks like MM2k will never be able to run as an applet off a web page. I didn't try converting it to an application. Probably a good idea though. 

One other thing - the built in level editor is a pain to use. Don't try till you have looked at the code for it.


I'm releasing this under the GPL. Enjoy and prosper, though I'd really like to hear about it if you take it any farther than it is now.

2003 Alan Robinson  (arobinsonhampshire.edu)