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Use Unix a lot? Use Windows 2000 (or WinXP) too? There's always Cygwin, which gives you the full power of Unix under Windows. But if you don't want to install 20-300MB of software, there's always the ~1000 byte solution: DOSKEY aliases. 

DOSKEY aliases

There is a file in C:\WINNT\system32 called autoexec.nt, which is like autoexec.bat of yore. It gets executed each time command.com is run. But command.com is not as fancy as cmd.exe, so I advocate extending cmd.exe instead. It's a little more complex, but not hard:

Make a batch file called autorun.bat

Here is what I recommend putting in it:

@echo off
REM Unix in Win2k starts here
doskey ls=dir/w $*
doskey ll=dir $*
doskey cat=type $*
doskey ..=cd..
doskey grep=find "$1" $2 
doskey mv=ren $*
doskey rm=del $*

Now you need to setup cmd.exe to run this each time it is loaded. This involves using regedit. Open the key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor

And add a string value called AutoRun (on my system I set its value to c:\winnt\system32\autorun.bat)

You're done! If you don't have tab completion turned on you will want that too. Type cmd /? for details on how to do that. DOSKEY, btw, is a relatively useful add-on to cmd.exe, you would be well served to find out more about it.  Google Doskey--Notes to find out what it can do for you.

2003 Alan Robinson  (arobinsonhampshire.edu)