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Free, or close to free, programs and bits of code for your fun and enjoyment.


Marble Madness 2K 

JAVA 1.3+, GPL 

Functional prototype of a open-ended Marble Madness clone. Implements screen movement, marble movement, slopes, and a general physics/collision detection engine.  Includes functional and technical design documents.


WinPlusPlus provides some simple registry changes that really improve the usability of windows. 
Volume Fix

C++, Win32 & WinAmp, GPL

WinAmp plugin that normalizes the volume of your MP3's the second time you play them, in attempt to lessen the volume difference between songs.  Unfortunately, simple normalization is not enough to equalize the volume of most MP3 collections, though it helps.  

C++, Win32, GPL

A very compact and efficient program for playing CDs using Microsoft's MCI API. Fairly full featured, for a MCI based player. 

C++, Win32(Win95/Win98 only), GPL

Program to control/automate Windows Dialup Networking.  


Unix In Win2K

Batch Files, GPL

A lightweight set of changes to make Win2K a little more friendly for those of us who use Unix shells a lot. 


20015 Alan Robinson  (arobinsonhampshire.edu)